Credit Scores & Reports (Free) Customer Reviews:


easy to use

Really big help! Because of this Credit scores app, I was able to target my derogatory marks I forgot I had

wow! thanks

Love the app. Just wish after reading the alerts, the indicator could clear them. Instead it still shows them as if I never read them.

app works fine

Love it! I have used it for years. Easy to use and when I had a dispute, they had removed in less than 24 hours.

got my scores

I love it! It's a great tool to help you repair and keep track of your credit score. Simple to read and understand. Better than those Credit Recovery Programs that rip you off. Definitely worth it.

reporting is easy

Simple I love the easy to use, easy to navigate facets of this app. It keeps me alerted but doesn't go overboard. I'm very satisfied.

cool app

Fantastic app.. Very useful, haven't had a single problem... Very convenient

thanks guys

Amazing customer service I previously wrote a negative review because the app and the website were not working. Roy from cs spent the next week reviewing my specific issues and doing personal follow-ups until he fixed everything and I was beyond satisfied. Very impressed with the level of service. Not expected in the least.

What a load of crap

Don't waste your time

Absolute junk

Installed, open up and just hey junk adverts saying 'you've won millions of money'. Don't waste your time, the other good comments are junk too.


Open the app.... "won 1 million dollars!"... can't close out of it... garbage

This is a farce, takes you to a reward page that cannot get out of! Don't bother with it. I am removing it this instant!..... 😠

Waste of time

Only advts


Do not install.


Nothing but spam.

Major spamming tool

Just keeps taking you to various sites for downloads and such. Major crap. How did it make it to the app store?